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We love Recruiting!

14 Feb 2018

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14 Feb 2018

As love is in the air for Valentines Day, we thought we would shout to the rooftops why we love recruiting!

Let’s be honest here, we all put our hands up to say we ‘fell’ into recruitment – it wasn’t a plan we had when leaving school!  However we all agree that the different career paths we each took before joining the world of recruitment have enriched the skills we bring to the role.

To be a successful recruiter you need to be able to wear a multitude of hats, it’s rare to find a job that has so much variety in a working day.   We love how our day is so unpredictable – you never know what will crop up and what surprises we will be faced with!

Like any good relationship, there are highs and there are lows.  Sometimes we feel frustrated, disappointed or under pressure.  We are the middle man and often it can feel like a thankless task.  Like the thrill of an emotional rollercoaster, one minute we are soaring high amongst the clouds, the next we are holding onto our stomachs as we prepare for the descent!  We all agree though that it is the high of matching someone to their dream job, and introducing a super star of an employee to a client, that keeps us going through the more challenging times.

Recruitment really does give us the chance to make a difference and impacting on life changing moments.  We help our clients to find great people, develop their teams and grow their business.  We help our candidates to find new job opportunities, develop their skills and often act as a support to guide through the interview process.  We love making a difference and impacting on life changing moments in a person’s career.

For us it’s not about the numbers.  A new career for many is a life change; a chance to fulfil a dream and to be happy.  We love that our job as a Recruiter has the ability to make someone’s life better.

We love that we can feel proud of what we do and how we do it.  

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