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In the words of Sister Sledge

13 Apr 2018

Home In the words of Sister Sledge
13 Apr 2018

At Amber Employment Services we have found that completing one another is far more productive than competing with one another! Our strength lies in the differences, not the similarities between consultants. We explore our thoughts candidly and work together for a common goal, helping each other to achieve it. Getting good recruiters is easy - getting them to work well together is the hardest part! Most recruiters work on an individual commission basis, encouraging them to compete against one another to make the most of their earning potential.

“It’s amazing how much can get done if the team don’t worry about who gets the credit!” says Rebecca, one of the founding Directors of Amber. “…However, there is nothing better to see than when someone in the team does something good and everybody gathers around to congratulate or celebrate their achievement”.

“We are immensely proud of our team” says Jill, “which consists of our longest serving consultant Danielle who joined us 10 years ago, Louise who has completed 5 years, Nicola both with 4 years under her belt and Bethany who joined us 18 months ago and has most recently had a well deserved promotion to the role of Consultant, running our busy temps desk, after learning the ropes by providing the team with invaluable support! ”

Teamwork is most definitely the lynchpin in our long term success. Evidence of the success of our team is supported by achieving a record breaking start to 2018 as we roll into our 11th year of trading.

“The dynamics of the team make Amber a happy place to be” says Danielle. “It’s a great feeling to know that everyone is working hard and has the same level of commitment to the business. There is lots of laughter, and the enthusiasm makes us feel that we can achieve almost anything together” says Louise.

Interviews with each member of Amber will be published over the forthcoming weeks, providing an insight into the team structure.

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