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GUEST BLOG: Legalesign E-signature

24 Feb 2020

Home GUEST BLOG: Legalesign E-signature
24 Feb 2020
For HR professionals

Legalesign are delighted to be the providers of electronic signature that seal the deal when clients and candidates are successfully matched at Amber Employment Services.

Our digital signing enables businesses to work faster, smarter and paperless, saving valuable time and money. It provides a seamless online experience and is convenient and accessible on mobile devices. As a result, contracts and agreements can be signed by job seekers and employers swiftly. Just over half of Amber’s agreements are signed within an hour, and an impressive 85.5% are returned within 24 hours.

How does Amber Employment Services use Legalesign?

Amber began using Legalesign 18 months ago. Its software is used each day to obtain signatures on registration forms, terms of business agreements, terms of engagement contracts and GDPR agreements. Most of the documents have 7 to 11 pages.

Amber’s co-founder, Rebecca Bannerman, says using Legalesign has made a huge positive difference to their working day.

“Using Legalesign has had a massive positive impact on our business. We don’t have to print anywhere near the same amount of paperwork, resulting in 80% reduction on printing, and the clients and candidates love it, finding it quick and easy to use. Working paperless also falls in line with our corporate ethics on sustainability that we take very seriously. Using software tools, such as Legalesign, to minimise our carbon footprint is the way forward for us.”

Why Amber is impressed with Legalesign

Rebecca says, “There’s nothing worse than sending documentation to someone who then has to print it off, review it, sign it and then manually scan it in and email back to us. This could take days, or even weeks, and if the candidate didn’t have access to a printer they would have to drive to our office to sign the documentation before their application could be submitted. Now candidates can sign documents in the comfort of their own home instead of having to come into the office. One of the additional benefits is that nobody slips through the net. Every now and then you may miss someone who would be suitable for a post, but they maybe didn’t have the time or facilities to print off the documentation and sign it. We know there’s tough competition out there in the recruitment field, there are other agencies that are making it easy for candidates, so we have to be one step ahead of the game and embrace the latest technology.

“We also like Legalesign’s tracking facility that lets us to know when someone has opened and reviewed a document. If we don’t get a fairly instant response it will prompt our consultant to make contact with the candidate or client and check if there any queries they may have.”

ROI for Amber

Rebecca states, “I believe using Legalesign has saved us a few thousands of pounds, mostly in time, that is the expensive part of running a business, as well as being seen as a progressive business using the most up to date technology.”

*Legalesign are ranked #1 lead providers of electronic signature in the UK and joint top in Europe, latest figures from the G2 market comparison website shows, the leading global comparison site for electronic software.

For more information about Legalesign:

Call: 01223 628950

Email: contact@legalesign.com

Web: https://legalesign.com/

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