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Security & Performance

Beyond the immediate challenge of attraction, a good recruitment website should offer the candidate an excellent user experience encouraging them to invest in jobs they are applying for.

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Home Security & Performance

Our primary focus is ensuring the technology powering your website is up to date and at optimum performance.



We understand and have the knowledge on what makes a website secure.

Every website we design and develop is built with the latest security to protect your website and your website visitors from stolen data, phishing schemes, session hijacking, malicious redirects and SEO spam. Your websites reputation is important to retain visitors and give them the confidence that their interaction on your website is not compromised.

We continually monitor your websites security protecting your website from DDoS attacks, malware, black listing, vulnerability exploits and defacement.


Your website will be optimised for performance and improved search rankings.

In today’s technological world, customers expect fast and reliable online user experiences from every website. If you make them wait for your page to load, they’ll most likely visit a competitor’s website instead. They have limited time to wait for your website to load.

Today, Google takes load time into account when ranking websites, so speed is an important issue. We improve your websites load time help customers get where they’re trying to go faster. Having a high Google ranking will also help you get more traffic from Google, which means you’ll have even more customers coming your way.